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The MacKillop Cross

Saturday, 14 August 2010


Father Gerald Spillane welcomed all and conducted the liturgy and he invited all to approach and venerate the Cross. While the weather was cool - no...  freezing!! - a good number of parishioners attended.

Just prior to the service about 30 Parishioners arrived. Father Spillane had put a great deal of effort into preparing for the service which was obvious from his homily in which he related to Blessed Mary MacKillop in relation to the Pilgrimage of the Church. At the end of the service he invited those present to approach and venerate the Cross. Many attendees stayed behind after the service and discussed with each other the Life of Mary.

Bacchus Marsh

Father Brian Glasheen had prepared a liturgy and celebration for the occasion. Several From Nagambie & Melton South joined parishioners from Bacchus Marsh.
Knights carried the Cross into the church. Carmel Shea (nee MacDonald), Val Dickson, Mary Flanagan & Stuart Robertson read at the service.

Father Glasheen gave a homily that included the thanks of the parish for the work of Mary and the sisters who had worked in the School & Parish (and still do). Father Glasheen has been in Bacchus Marsh for 18 years, and his knowledge of the history of the Sisters and “Josephites” generally made the homily memorable. He spoke of the early Convent and dedication of the sisters.

Many venerated the Cross.


The Cross was to be present for the 6.00 o'clock Saturday night Mass. In setting up for the Mass, the Cross was left standing in the foyer of the church when suddenly it fell at a fast speed towards the glass windows. Those looking on thought the church windows were "history!", BUT, just before the Cross was about to hit them - it stopped - it had “snagged” on a picture of Mary MacKillop hanging in the foyer!

At the start of Mass, the Cross processed into the church carried by two Sunbury Knights.
During the Mass, Father McIntosh made several references to Mary MacKillop and her life. Special readings also centred on Mary MacKillop and her life, and these were read by Sister Mary Ryan - a Josephite Sister living in Sunbury.

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